A.    单人间(Single room) :8000RMB per year

B.    双人间(Double room4000RMB per year

C.    三人间(Triple room)  :3000RMB Per year 



Changsha is characterized by a temperate climate with copious rainfall and four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is about17℃, and the lowest one in January generally is about2℃; the highest one in August generally is about35℃. The frost-free period extends to 8-10 months.

With a long history and beautiful environment, HUNAU is a perfect place for studying, living and communicating. HUNAU has full sports facilities, including basketball court, volleyball court, pingpong court, etc. The public kitchen is set in the international students’ dormitory, and gym is provided by the school freely. International students can cook for themselves at public kitchen, or eat at refectory with a cost around 15-30 yuan.

The traffic inChangshais so convenient that can send you to any place in the city. There are many large or medium department stores, super markets, western restaurants, Thai restaurants, and Vietnamese restaurants in downtown.

HUNAU provides the exclusive accommodation to international students. The facilities in the dormitory including telephone, internet connection, desk, wardrobe, air-condition etc. International students pay their own water and electricity fee by themselves.