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Hunan Agricultural University(HUNAU), a key provincial  university under the co-construction of the Ministry of Agriculture and RuralAffairs and the Hunan Provincial People’s Government, is the pioneeringconstruction unit of the National “2011” Collaborative Innovation Center andone of the first national research institutes of new rural development as well.Graded "Excellent" in the undergraduate teaching assessment by theMinistry of Education and titled "the National Civilized Unit" and"National Civilized Campus", HUNAU aims to become one of the domesticfirst-class universities in Hunan Province (Class A). Located in Changsha, afamous city bearing long history and profound culture in China, the campuscovers an area of 3,414 acres, offering a quiet and attractive paradise torealize dreams for both teachers and students.


1.Teaching in English

      (1计算机科学与技术ComputerScience &Technology


2. Teaching in Chinese

动物科学  AnimalScience植物保护  PlantProtection程管理 EngineeringManagement 植物科学技术PlantScience and Technology农村发展Developmentof Rural Areas 环境工程EnvironmentalEngineering农业资源与环境AgriculturalResources & Environment  环境科学EnvironmentalScience 安全工程SafetyEngineering  生物技术BiologicalTechnology  生物工程BiologicalEngineering   生态Ecology  茶科学TeaScience   食品科学与工程FoodScience & Engineering  行政管理AdministrativeManagement   公共事务管理PublicAffairs Management 劳动与社会保障 Labor andSocial Security  信息工程 InformationEngineering 工商管理 BusinessAdministration 国际经济与贸易 InternationalEconomy & Trade  会计 Accounting  教育技术EducationTechnology




                硕士Master  20000RMB

         博士Doctor   25000RMB

2.省"一带一路"项目Provincialscholarship of the “Belt and Road” Program

               语言学习奖学金 学生LanguageLearning Student15000RMB

3.大学奖学金University’s Scholarship


               Full-scholarship Tuition and Accommodation are free

2)优秀留学生奖学金Excellent International Students’ Scholarship

  一级:Firstlevel: 学士Bachelor 14000RMB

                 硕士Master  20000RMB

                 博士Doctor  25000RMB

 二级:Secondlevel: Bachelor 10000RMB

                    硕士Master 14000RMB

                    博士Doctor  18000RMB

3)普通留学生奖学金 General International Student Scholarship


                    硕士Master 10000RMB


4)语言学习留学生奖学金Language Learning International                                                


4.学生只能获得一项奖学金Students can win only one Scholarship

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