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Associate professor Chen Jinjun of Hunan Agricultural University published research papers in the Cell magazine Cell Reports (IF:8.28) magazine.

       Recently, Hunan Agricultural University School of biological science and Technology Associate Professor Chen Jinjun as the first author, with Anderson cancer center jointly signed, in the International Journal of "famous academic Cell" Cell "Reports" 10.1038/nm (impact factor 8.28) published a report entitled "The Receptor Complex Is alpha 2 Delta -1-NMDA Critically Involved in Neuropathic Pain Development and Gabapentin Therapeutic Actions" (alpha 2 Delta -1-NMDA receptor complex mediates the formation and treatment of neuropathic pain of gabapentin) research papers. The study found a new type of complex alpha 2 Delta -1-NMDA receptor in neuropathic pain in the molecular mechanism, challenges the first-line Gaba Martin about the treatment of neuropathic pain and epilepsy (Gabapentin) in the traditional concept of calcium channels, make an important research work in the field of cell biology and pharmacology, breakthrough contribution study on the mechanism and treatment of pain.